Harlem Blvd., 1622

Harlem Blvd., 1622

1622 Harlem Blvd., Photo above, source: Jan Carter 3/9/2015

1928 – (1941, maybe later) Gus S. Brown (wife Mary C.) lawyer, Rockford National Bank Building, resides 1622 Harlem Blvd.  ( Gus died 6/14/1970)

Barnes, Mrs B Frank - 1

Mrs. B. Frank Barnes, widow of the founder of Barnes Drill Co., and daughter of Rockford’s first Chief of Police, died yesterday afternoon at her home, 1622 Harlem boulevard.  Rockford Morning Star 1/7/1938.

Nee: Miss Lena Sully, married in Rockford.

Sales History:  Source: rockfordtownshipassessor,net

Oct 2003  $84,000    Improvements needed; Amcore Investment Group N A to Richard K and Pamela D Hein

Aug 2004  $149,000  Valid Sale   Richard K and Pamela D. Hein to Todd and Cathy Johnsrud

July 2006  $126,000   See Notes

Oct 2007   $152,000  Valid Sale

May 2009  $158,000  Valid Sale to Colleen Lauren

Building Permits:

2004  1/2 bath

Sales and Building Permits source: RockfordTownshipAssessor,net