“Local Killers and Ghosts….in National Spotlight” – 2017, by R. Rose

Source:  815 magazine, pp 74-75, Fall 2017,  article by Rebecca Rose, “Local Killerss and Ghosts Featured in National Spotlight”  a Gatehouse Media Publication     

Stan Skridla and Mary Jane Reed

“The mysterious deaths of Stan Skridla and Mary Jane Reed”

by Kathi Kresol

Two young people found murdered June 24, 1948.

Article contains a photo of Stan Skridla in Navy uniform and also a photo of Mary Jane Reed.

“Haunted Rockford” is hosting a bus tour to visit the locations” for the 1948 unsolved murders of Stan Skridla and Mary Jane Reed” “Psychics Paul Smith and Sara Bowker will share their impressions”

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