Warren Otis Eddy – Prominent Farmer on North Main Street

Source: Register-Republic, Monday, December 11, 1933, page 8.

The Lewis Branch  208 South Main

The Lewis Branch 208 South Main

The City of Rockford and Her Men of Affairs  R 977.33 D17
Local History & Genealogy Collection

1913 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map from Rockford, Winnebago County, Illinois        Library of Congress

Harlem Blvd., 2112

Frank M. Smith, wife Bessie, western lands, Masonic Temple

Source: 1907 – 1923 Rockford City Directory

Howard C. Gregory, (Alice) sec. J.L. Clark Mfg. Co.

Source: 1933 & 1935 & 1937 & 1940 Rockford City Directory

Howard C, age 43; Alice J, age 42; Elizabeth A., age 13; Margaret, age 9, Priscilla, age 7; Carl, age 4 1/2

Source: 1930 Federal Census

2112 Harlem Blvd.

Carriage House (2009); photo by Tom Powers

Source: Rockford Public Library patron

Main St. South, corner Elm


Holland House (hotel), E. Hasbrouck, proprietor s e c Elm and Main,

F.D. Camman, Real Estate & Insurance  n e c Main and Elm Thos. Angon s w c Main and Elm

Holland House (hotel), H.N. Starr, propr.

Source: 1859-1860 Rockford City Directory

NW cor Main and Elm = Commercial Block ** Elm Street** Elm to Chestnut = Wallace Block

L.W. Burnham Commercial Institute n w c main and Elm upstairs

NE Corner Main and Elm = Bank Block

Goodman, N.W. Dry Goods and clothing n w c Main and Elm

Porter Sheldon, Attorney  n e c Main and Elm, Bank Block

E Side Main between State and Elm = Concert Hall

SW corner Main and State = Odd Fellows Hall

Hambright, G F. postmaster Post Office s e c Main and Elm

Source: 1859-1860 Rockford City Directory

The New Holland, I.A. Leonard propr, strictly first class, cor S Main and Elm

Source: 1889-1890 Rockford City Directory

Masonic Hall

Source: Masonic Temple 1902 Rockford, Illinois (small 5 x 7″ booklet) Some Half-Tones of the Forest City from Fotografs by O.H. Wheat


Knights Templar 1920- 1921

“Grand Ball of Knights Templar Valentine Day” Crusader Commandery to Sponsor Elaborate Social the general committee in charge of the ball is headed by Dr. F.A. Turner, C.W. Bradley

Source: Rockford Morning Star 2/5/1920

Crusader Commandery No. 17 will assemble in stated conclave Monday evening in Masonic Temple

Source: Rockford Morning Star 1/23/1921

Masonic Temple – 1899

Masonic Temple

Masonic Temple; D.S. Schureman, architect, Interior woodwork by Spafford Planing Mill Company

Source of picture: “Rockford and Its Points of Interest”  Commercial Publishing Co., 1899.

Masonic Temple, Southeast corner Main and Elm   Source: Philippi’s 1899 Rockford City Directory