Rockford Germania Gesang Verein – Jan. 1883

“The annual masquerade given by the Germania last evening at Metropolitan hall was a complete success, both as far as the enjoyment of the patrons is concerned as well as the financial gain to the society.  The hall was thronged with merry dancers, and many fantastic costumes were noted. Shortly after ten o’clock the prizes were awarded to the dancers who were costumed the best.  Miss Mary Wolff, of Jefferson, Wis., as “Topsy,” took the first prize of $5, Miss Smith of Beloit, took a prize of $3 for the most elegant costume, and Anton Maffaoli received $2 for the most comical make-up. Much of the credit for the success of the masquerade is due to the efforts of the committee of arrangements, consisting of Messrs. B. Spranger, John Schmauss, Chris Kessner, William Olson and Albert Myer.”

Source: The Rockford Daily Register Jan. 2, 1883


Rockford Germania Gesang Verein – Nov., 1880

“The masquerade by the Germania Gesang, on Thursday evening was a huge affair.  Metropolitan hall was crowded by a happy, merry masked party, who had a night of enjoyment. The costumes were fantastic, gay, gaudy, plain and humble.  There is no class of our citizens who get as much fun out of these annual merry making dances as do our German fellow citizens.  If you don’t believe it, attend the next one.  In addition to the fun had, the Germania made a success of it financially.”


Source: The Rockford Journal  11/27/1880