Bowling League Standings Oct 18 1949 – R.I.A.A. “A”, Business Men’s

Source: Rockford Sports and Entertainment Guide, Oct. 18, 1949

“Lee Smith wins RIAA golf title by one stroke” – 1970

Lee Smith

Source: Rockford Morning Star July 27, 1970

“R I A A Squads Move as 2nd Half Begins” – Jan. 10, 1965

RIAA Squads Move

Source:  Rockford Morning Star Jan. 10, 1965

Mattison Machine Works – 1917

Mattison 101

Source:  The Rockford Republic November 5, 1917

Mattison 102

Source:  Rockford Morning Star Nov.11, 1917

“R.I.A.A. Loop Resumes Play” – 7-15-1956, Softball

R.I.A.A. Loop Resumes Play

Source:   Rockford Morning Star July 15, 1956

Cabinet Beats Lock in Overtime Tilt – 1940. R.I.A.A.

Cabinet Beats Lock

Source:  Rockford Morning Star January 4, 1940

Rockford Industrial Athletic Association – 1947

Rockford Industrial Athletic Association

1947 Ingersoll: Peterson and Clausen

1947 Anderson Brothers: Yeager and Crowley

1947 Meyers: Coons, White and Rainey

1947 Roper: McCrudden, Allen and Hearns

1947 Rockford Furniture: Anderson

1947 Nylint Toy: Cancelose and Seaberg

1947 O & H Foundries: Dumchoski and Savitski

1947 Ekstrom-Carlson: Hogland and Balcitis

1947 Greenlee: Orville Lindquist and Muzzarelli

1947 Contour Hosiery: D. Murray, Rathke and Steigler

1947 Ebaloy: Casico and Casico

1947 Rockford Drop Forge: Haeggquist and Berglund

1947 J. L. Clark: Swenson, Melquist and Schmidt

1947 Joseph Behr: Yeagle and Behling

1947 Mattison: Rinaldo, Pegoraro, Ivan Johannes

1947 Amerock: Rydholm and Garnhart

1947 Mechanics: Stewart and Saudargus

1947 Sundstrand: Stonis, Kuhl and Scrogston


Source: Rockford Morning Star, 07/16/1947

Rockford Industrial Athletic Association

Rockford Industrial Athletic Association

1937 Mattison team photo: Frank Bonzi, Rex Moon, Hal Blomquist, John “Hooks” O’Malley

1937 Mattison team photo:  Fred Johannes, Ivan Johannes, Floyd Peacock, Benny Britz, Joe Britz

1937 Mattison team photo: “Molly” Armellani, “Fat” Swenson, Manuel Pirello

1937 American Cabinet Hardware team photo:  J. Newman, Fleori, Harris, Driscoll

1937 American Cabinet Hardware team photo: Curtis, Wasco, Shortino, B. Atczak, F. Minnihan, Syman, J. Atczak

1937 American Cabinet Hardware team photo: Anderson, Potts, Gibson, Lackey


Source: Rockford Morning Star, 09/05/1937