Nilson Co-operative Furniture Co., ad – May 1927

Change of company name and logo.

Source: The Rockford Furniture Herald, May 1927, page Eighteen

The name Nilson Co-operative Furniture Co. was in the newspaper in June 1927 and January 1928, as exhibiting at furniture marts, but not in any articles about change of ownership, etc.

Nilson, David V (wife Amy M) president Nilson Co-operative Furniture Co. and (owner of Blue Line Transfer Co.) also machinery and house moving and house wrecking business 418 S Main and residence 120 N Highland Ave.  Source: McCoy’s Rockford City Directory for 1928, p605

Nilson Co-operative Furniture Co., D V Nilson, president; E C Jacobson v-pres; J F Jacobson sec-treas; furniture manufacturers; 905 9th St.  Source: McCoy’s Rockford City Directory for 1928 p605