Rockford’s Historic First Pride Month Proclamation, 2019

Source: Tom McNamara for Mayor’s Facebook page. Accessed 5/25/2023.


Source: Wallace, Zach. “Pride Month Proclamation Shows Rockford’s Progress Towards More Inclusive Society.” Rockford Register Star, June 1, 2019. Page 9.

Veterans Who Have Passed–Jerry D. Drake

Source:  Rockford Register Star, Mar. 12, 2020.

Rockford City Directory 1872 pg.85 Brearley W.M – Brown Andrew

Source: Holland’s Rockford City Directory  1872   pg.85

City, RVC aim to salvage talks on Colman Village


Source: Rockford Register Star         September 23, 2019

John Hall Sherratt – “A Noble Life at an End” – 1906



Source:  Rockford Daily Republic March 16, 1906

Rockton Mayor Bill Vedra – 1987

Rockton Mayor Bill Vedra

Source:  Rockford Magazine February 1987

“John A. Logan Camp #26 / Rockford Zouaves Day” (2010)

John Logan Camp #26