Einar Forsman – “He’s the Whole Deal” – 1998

Source:  Rockford Register Star May 26, 1998


Rockford Magazine – January 1995

Source: Rockford Magazine, January 1995.   Cover, shown above, Pete McMurray and Linda Lampert, WXRX-FM

People to Watch 1995 include: Mayor Charles Box, alderwoman Carol Jambor-Smith, Jayne Byrne, Jesse Dabson, Pecatonica village President Ed Smith. Ron Wait, Barb Giolitto, John B. ANderson, Congressman Don Manzullo, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Dr. John LaTourette, Lynn Martin, George Bush, Paul Simon, Ann Hughes, Marty Flagg, Rory Peterson, Percy Gordon, Doug Scott, E.J. “Zeke” Giorgi, Eugene Eubanks, Dr. Ed Sharp, Geri Nikolai, Stephen J. Wesley, Harvard mayor Bill LaFew, Register Star managing editor C.W. Johnson, Jim Herman, Mike Townsend, Linda Grist Cunningham, Frank Schier, Gary Wilmer, Mary Collins, Larry Manne, Jack White, Jimmy Johnson, J. R. Sullivan, William Gregg, Richard Raether, Stella Maggio-Dobbins, Tom Maloney, Frank Fiorello, John Gile, Brian Reck, Mark Gillette, Mike Holmes, Conrad “Connie” Kowall, more. Some pictures.







Millennium Time Capsule – Jan. 22, 2000

Source:  Rockford Register Star January 22, 2000

Mayor Charles Box – 1994, Chuck Sweeney

Source: Rockford Register Star January 25, 1994

Source: Rockford Register Star January 25, 1994

Eldridge Gilbert (Reverend) – 1991 obituary plus article

Source:  Rockford Register Star 2 -1 – 1991




Estwing Manufacturing Co. – 1996. 97 Bias Suit

Bias - 1

Source: Rockford Register Star 12/19/1996

Bias - 2


Bias - 3

Source: Rockford Register Star 1/16/1997, page 6C


Mayor Charles Box, Zeke Giorgi – 1999 article

Box and Giorgi

Text: Charles Box became a three-term mayor despite Zeke Giorgi’s oft-repeated contention that the community was “too racist” to elect an African-American as chief executive of the city.  Giorgi seemed gripped by lingering bitterness over his own failed bid for the mayoralty 30 years earlier, which he blamed on anti-Italian prejudice.

Source: Rockford Register Star, Dec. 12, 1999 article