1021 Harlem Boulevard

1021 Harlem Boulevard

Residence of James B. Jarrett and wife Margaret Jarrett

Employed at Rockford Poster Advertising Company


Also, residence of Bruce L. McDonald and wife Dorothy McDonald

Employed at Globe Feed Company


Source: 1937 Rockford City Directory

Illinois National Bank

Illinois National Bank

George W. Mead, Chairman of the Board

Eugene Abegg, President

G. H. Rehr, Vice President

G. H. Arnold, Vice President and Trust Officer

Edward Abegg, Cash

P. L. McDonald, Comptroller

H. A. Conklin, Assistant Cash

K. R. Froberg, Assistant Cash

F. P. Condon, Assistant Cash

R. J. Schoenhoff, Auditor

230 South Main Street


Source: 1948 Rockford City Directory