“Vote yes for Rockford; vote yes on home rule” Opinion – 2/11/2018

Source: Rockford Register Star, Sunday, 2/11/2018

Mastroianni, Mike – 2016 editorial

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Source: Rockford Register Star Feb. 26, 2016


Transform Rockford

cover story, by Coleen Martin Williams, photographed by Karen A. King

“It is the heavy presence of negatives that prompted Tom Gendron (Chairman/CEO Woodward Governor) to bring business executives together to discuss how about ways the area’s social and economic conditions could undergo a significant improvement.”

“Mayor Larry Morrissey and Reverend Kenneth Board (Pilgrim Baptists Church) were among the community leaders invited to join the discussions. These meetings produced a planned initiative that would use community input as the foundation for a comprehensive plan of action…to improve the city and surrounding area.  The initiative is called Transform Rockford and was launched in November 2013.  Mike Schablaske id the Executive Director.”

pages 20 – 23, 5 photographs and cover photo

Source: Chromelight II magazine, November-December 2013.