Gregory “Greg” Lee Bonne – 2016

Gregory Bonne

Source: Rockford Register Star 8/13/2016

Merle Lantz – 2016, obituary

Merle Lantz

Source: Rockford Register Star Feb. 14, 2016

Lantz, Terry D.

Stillman Valley —-

born May 15, 1940 in Los Angeles, son of Darrell K. and Hazel J. (Lillie) Lantz.

Graduated from Stillman Valley High School in 1958.

Terry served in the United States Air Force, serving in Korea.

Died June 1, 1940

Monroe Center Community Church, Farrell-Holland Gale Funeral Home, Monroe Center Cemetery.

Source: Rockford Register StarĀ  June 4, 2014