Rockford Garden Club, 1997-1998 – Cover, Presidents 1916 – 1997

Source: Rockford Garden Club;  1997 – 1998, 81st Year



Church St., North, 400 Block

Emerson Home, Age 77 being wrecked original house constructed 1855 additions 1865 and 1886 vacant 1930-1932

Source: Rockfordiana-Historic Houses and landmarks – 1

Emerson House

Old Emerson Mansion now being wrecked after 77 years as a center of social religious and cultural activity 30 room structure belonging to Ralph Emerson, famous Rockford industrialist, lived here 55 years after a serious fire 30 years ago, further changes were made. All 5 daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Emerson were married in the house Many church sociables, missionary society meetings and church committees gathered here.

Source: Rockford Morning Star 5/29/1932

Emerson House

Source: 1902 Rockford Illinois Press of Horner Printing Co. “Some Half-Tones of the Forest City in Fotografs” by O.H. Wheat,
Church St., Rockford, Illinois small 5 x 7″ booklet no Dewey Dec Number

Between 1914 when Mr. Emerson died and 1930 Mrs. N. F. Thompson lived here first house in Rockford to be electrified, requiring workmen from Chicago for the job wrecked by E.E. Everett 1932
Source: Rockfordiana-Historic Houses and landmarks – 1 South Wall

Emerson House

Source: picture of Emerson house, erected 1855 pg. 44 Rockford: an illustrated History by Jon Lundin R 977. 331 L962r 1996

Emerson, Joseph Rev. Church St. opposite park

Source: 1856 City Directory