Main St., North, 711



Main St., North,  711

Photograph source: “1902 Rockford Illinois” by O. Wheat, page 74

House built by Julia P. Warren in the 1880’s, Source Rockford Register Republic 9/20/1951.

Mrs. Julia P. Warren, widow of Moses, resides 711 N. Main

Miss C. Louise Warren, nurse, resides 711 N. Main

M. Allen Warren, student, resides 711 N. Main

Miss Emma Isaacson, domestic, 711 N. Main

Nils Swanson, gardener, 711 N. Main

Source of names: 1899 Rockford City Directory


Mrs. T. P. Warren, resides 711 N. Main

Source: 1925 Rockford City Directory


Property owned by Mrs. Noble, converted into apartments

Source:  Rockford Register Republic  9/20/1951


Sears Store, 711 N, Main

Source: 1956 Rockford City Directory


Riverfront Museum Park, 711 N. Main St.

Source: 2005 Rockford City Directory