The Lewis Branch  208 South Main

The Lewis Branch 208 South Main

The City of Rockford and Her Men of Affairs  R 977.33 D17
Local History & Genealogy Collection

1913 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map from Rockford, Winnebago County, Illinois        Library of Congress

Main St., South, 200 block – 1892 Atlas, shows businesses etc.

Source: 1892 Atlas of Winnebago County

Dotted line on street farthest right (east) in tiny print is the West End St/ Railway tracks and is S. Wyman St.   Rockford Silver Plate Co. factory is on So. Wyman St.

Small print in street, approximate center of page says Rockford City Av. and is S Main St.   Holland House Hotel is on S Main St.

The Nelson Hotel is also on S. Main.  There are pictures in this database of the Nelson Hotel, also known as Hotel Nelson.





Rockford Country Club – 1930

Rockford Country Club - 1930

Source:  Rockford Daily Republic January 3, 1930

“Mayor Renews All but 1 Liquor License” – 1959 (F – W listed here)

Mayor - 1

Mayor - 2

Source:  Rockford Register-Republic May 26, 1959

“Army Officer Inspects Site” – later Camp Grant, 5-28-1917

Army Officer

Source: Rockford Daily Register-Gazette May 28, 1917


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