Unity Club Performance in Unity Hall of the Church of the Christian Union Rockford Morning Star May 20,1891

  1. Julia Wells  2. Grace Leonard  3. Etta Clark  4. Nettie Worthman  5. Mrs. G. Will Fish  6. Florence Bryant  7.  Winnifred Gray  8. Ethel Comings  9. Caroline Radecke  10. Martha Kennedy
  2. Mrs. Willis Kimball  12. Belle Elmore  13. Lossie Comings  14. Fannie Blinn  15. May Stewart  16. Alice Brown

Photo Source:  RPL Local History Photo Collection

State and Main Rockford City Directory 1952 pgs. 129, 179, 180

Bertrand and Sames

Bertrand and Sames

Manufacturers of cultivators and dealers in carriage and wagon materials

At the corner of Church and Cedar Street

“This noteworthy and deserving establishment employs 19 city residents”

“Both owners are practical mechanics, one in iron and one in wood”

Established 1960 in a shop on North Main Street.  They moved to their present location a year ago (1871)

The shop is 55′ x 155′.  In addition to cultivators, they manufacture hubs, spokes, fellows and skeins


Source:  Page 36, 1872-73 Rockford City Directory