Michael J. Dahl, 55 – August (15) 2010 obituary

Source: Rockford Register Star August 15, 2010

803 Ridgewood Rd. – house history

803-ridgewood  photo ca. 2013

Original building permit to build house issued in 1936 to Eric H. Peterson, first homeowner.  he and his wife lived in the home until their deaths.  He died in Swedish American Hospital in 1966, Ruby V. (Asprooth) Peterson died in Swedish American Hospital in 1971.  He was president and CEO of Rockford Varnish Co.

The next owner was Daniel J. Hallstrom and family, 1971 – 2005, when the house was sold to Alphonse Kneeland, who lived there for 10 years.

Architect and/or Contractor not found as yet.

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Source:  Rockford Morning Star December 22, 1936


Source:  Rockford Morning Star June 23, 1966

Building permit 2015 – half-bath    Source: RockfordTownshipAssessor.net