Luncheon Clubs, 1941 – 4, and Forest Hills Country Club

Source: Rockford Streamlined, by Rockford Chamber of Commerce, c. 1941

Main St. South, 306

The Nelson.

Source: 1911 City Directory.

The Nelson Hotel and Nelson Café.

Source: 1916 1921 City Directory

The Nelson Hotel Co., The Rockford Hotel Co.

Source: 1926, 1933 City Directory

Hotel Nelson, Rockford VanOrman Hotel Co., Hotel Nelson Cigar Stand.

Source: 1940, 1947 City Directory

Optimist Club, Rotary Club, Hotel Nelson Cigar Stand.

Source: 1947 City Directory

Hotel Nelson, Hotel Nelson Cigar Stand; Viking Dining Room & Coffee Shop; Carol & Westin photog.

Source: 1954 City Directory

Cahoon, Charles, painter, residence.

Source: 1880 City Directory