Automatic Pump and Softener Corp. – 1949

Automatic Pump

Source: 1949 Polk’s Rockford City Directory

Automatic Pump and Softener Corp., Oscar W. Johnson, Pres.; Bruce W. Johnson, V-Pres. – Treas.; Reuben L. Emerson, Sec.; 2400 Grant Ave.   Source: 1949 Polk’s Rockford City Directory

Founded in 1931 by O.W. and Bruce Johnson

Addition to plant: 1946   Source: Building permit

Won a lengthy battle in a patent suit: 1947   Source: newspaper article

Office addition: 1952   Source: Building permit

election whether to be Union Machinists:  1953

Name later changed to AquaMatic Inc. to reflect patents.


Source:  Rockford Register-Star November 15, 1982