Rockford National Furniture Co., ad – April 1927

Source: The Rockford Furniture Herald, Co., April 1927, page Fourteen

The text under the piece of furniture reads:  No. 19 Bookcase

Rockford National Furniture Co., D R Peterson, president, G A Peterson vice-pres; Norman P Peterson, sec; A E Anderson, treas; 2400 Kishwaukee St. Source:  1927 McCoy’s Rockford City Directory p 672


Rockford Peerless Furniture Co., ad – January 1927

Source:  The Rockford Furniture Herald, January 1927, page 14

Rockford Peerless Furniture Co., R L Stenwall, president; Mrs. Jennie Wester, v-pres; John Wester – sec-treas; 1936 11th St.  Source:  McCoy’s Rockford City Directory for 1927

Co-operative Furniture Co., ad – Oct. 1926

Source:  Rockford Furniture Herald, October, 1926, page 14

Co-operative Furniture Co.,  C J Lundberg president; Alfred Larson, v-pres; E C Jacobson, sec-treas; 905 9th St.         Source:  Rockford Furniture Herald, October 1926

Central Furniture Company, ad – October 1926

Source: Rockford Furniture Herald October 1926, Page 14

Central Furniture Co., A P Floberg, president; G A Salstrom, v-pres; O E Landstrom, sec-treas; Mill corner Race St.   Source: McCoy’s Rockford City Directory for 1926


Rockford Furniture Co., ad – August 1926

Source:  Rockford Furniture Herald August 1926 page 14

Rockford Furniture Co., W A Brolin president; T E Swords vice-president; B A Wilson sec-treas; Axel Erickson supt; 1009 W Jefferson St., plant B 1102 N 2nd St.  Source: 1926 McCoy’s Rockford City Directory


Co-Operative Furniture Co. – ad, May 1926

Source: The Rockford Furniture Herald, May, 1926, page 14

Co-Operative Furniture Co., C J Lundberg, president; Alfred Larson, vice-president; E C Jacobson, sec and treas; 905  9th St.     Source: McCoy’s Rockford City Directory for 1926