The tsunami Quartet – Spring 2006

Source: Northwest Quarterly magazine, Spring 2006, page 32


Rockford Police Relief Association, 42nd Biennial Ball – 1986

Source: Rockford Police Relief Association, 42nd Biennial Ball, Forest Hills Lodge, May 23, 1986, page 32


Rockford High School, 1940 – Seniors: Aalf – Ca. Anderson

Source:  Rockford High School, 1940 Annual, page 32.  Seniors: Aalf – Carlton Anderson

Regarding red print 1862 statement at bottom of page:

In a series of somewhat confusing growth and changes, the East and West High Schools that began in 1862, have nothing to do with the current East and West High Schools, whose buildings opened ca. 1940.

In 1885, there was a Rockford High School on the 2nd floor of 111 East State St,  The original East High School was changed to Adams elementary school, Mrs. L.M. Goss principal. The original West High School, was changed to the first Lincoln, Miss Blanche Goodall, principal.   Source:  Judd’s new Rockford City Directory for 1885-6