Burritt Township, Winnebago County – 2012 Land Atlas and Plat

Source: Winnebago County, Illinois, 2012 Land Atlas and Plat Book, page 16

Compiled and Published by Rockford Map Publishers, Inc., www.rockfordmap.com

Distributed by Winnebago County Farm Bureau, 1925 South Meridian Road, Rockford, IL  61101

Book also includes an aerial map of Burritt Township, page 17

Names indicate property owner/tax payer

The number following the name of property owner or Trustee is the number of acres in that plot.  Some people own several unconnected plots of land and the number indicates acres in that specific plot.

Pecatonica Township – 1957 Farm Plat Map

Pecatonica Township

Source: Farm Plat map for 1957 Winnebago County Illinois; Sponsored by Union Grange No. 811, Inc.

Pecatonica River – 11th Annual Clean-up

2 photographs; one of volunteers, 1 of debris collected on former clean-up

Freeport — “The 11th Annual Pecatonica River Clean-up will be Sunday, July 27, sponsored by the United Sportsmen’s Youth Foundation.”

“This will be in conjunction with the River Warrior Challenge, held July 25-27 at Rock Hollow Hunt Club, 1931 Illinois 75, Freeport, IL.”

Wilderness Walk, Gun Challenge, Bands, River Run, River Race, Sand Volleyball Tournament, Kayak/Canoe Race, Hot Outfit/Bikini Contest, crowning of River King and Queen, and River Clean-up part of event. Specifics listed in article.

Source: The Rock River Times, July 23-29, 2014,


Stephen Mack homestead – 1970 article

Stephen Mack

“Stephen Mack’s homestead coming apart at seams”

“Mack, who is believed to be the first white settler in Rockton Township and probably in the Rock River Valley, built the two-story frame house for his Indian whife, Hononegah, and family, around 1839, three years after the county was founded.”

“Located on a knoll overlooking the junction of the Pecatonica and Rock Rivers, the homestead is surrounded by Macktown Forest Preserve and golf course, and flanked by a maintenance building for the forest preserve.”

“Until a year ago, the building was never heated……….Last Summer the county had furnace installed in the basement to prevent the wood from rotting further because of too much humidity……the heat caused the wood to shrink so he floor crackles when walked on and it appears to be separating from its link with the second floor stairway…”

Source: Rockford Morning Star March 8, 1970

Arrow, The

Arrow - Rocked

Photograph source: Rockford Rocked on www.facebook.com . Photograph undated and unsourced.  We found the picture in Rockford Morning Star June 15, 1952.  The Rockford Morning Star refers to the picture as the first “Arrow.”

We think it must be the second boat, a steamer, named The Arrow, which was built by and Captained by John Davis. In 1890 a second boat named The Arrow was on the Rock River, Captained by Captain Charles Allen.  The second Arrow had a “mishap” (“wrecked”) and sunk near “Knightsville”  (near Sinnissippi Gardens) and ceased use in 1900.  The first boat comfortably held 20 people, and the second boat comfortably held 70 people.

Arrow - 2 Source: Rockford Daily Register August 29, 1887

Arrow - 3Source: Rockford Daily Register August 19, 1887

Arrow - 4

The first “Arrow” was purchased by Ryan and McDonald, and moved from he Rock River to the Pecatonica River. Source: Rockford Daily Register Sept 23, 1887