WWII – Army Air Corps – Johnson, Capt. Kenneth A.L.

“Capt. Johnson is German Prisoner; Revives Hope Local Man is Safe”  Reported missing in action in the north African campaign February.  Johnson 34, was commanding a tank unit near Faid pass. Graduate of Rockford High School and University of Illinois. Was employed as an industrial engineer at Twin Disc Clutch. Called to active duty 1939 went overseas last May, first to England. wife, Mrs. LaWanda Johnson, kids Donald and Kathlyn (died 10/21/2012)

Source: Rockford Morning Star 4/18/1943


WW II Army Yapp, Donald E.

March 1943 to October 1945 rifleman 16th Infantry Regiment, 1st Division in first wave in the Normany invasion at Omaha Beach on D-Day shot, POW at Stalag VII-A in Moosburg, Germany, Purple Heart, Good Conduct Medal, European, African, Middle East Medal died 8/13/2002

Source: Rockford Register Star 8/16/2002

WWII Army Air – MIA Wong, Flight Officer Edward D.

25, B-24 Liberator bomber navigator last month won air medal for raids on Southern Europe. MIA over Austria since June 26, was based in Italy with 15th army air force

Source: Rockford Morning Star 7/9/1944

photo, held as prisoner of war by Germany

Source: Rockford Morning Star 7/28/1944


WWII – Navy Hahn, Dale Francis

20, reported lost in action. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Hahn, 1335 Elm St. Stationed at Great Lakes, then Bremerton, Washington, then joined Asiatic fleet as a gunner’s mate, 2nd Class

Source: Rockford Morning Star 3/22/1942

Dale Francis Hahn

a Rockford sailor held prisoner for 43 months by the Japanese yesterday received a Purple Heart medal for wounds received in action 5 years and 4 months ago. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Hahn, 1441 West State St. Wounds received 12/10/1941, Corregidor, entered the navy Sept 1941     listed as missing 18 months was on destroyer Pillsbury, but on land when ship sunk.

Source: Rockford Morning Star 4/22/1947


WWII Army Air – POW Schemmerhorn, Staff Sgt. Frank

whole name: Staff Sgt. Ellensworth Frank Schemmerhorn, photo, is a German Prisoner of War gunner on a Liberator bomber, has air medal fought in Tunisia, Sicily and Italy enlisted Dec.8, 1941; reported MIA May 29, 1944 served in Ireland before sent to No. Africa, Dec, 1942 served as aircraft mechanic with 95th fighter squadron was acting flight chief of field operations, 82nd fighter group

Source: Rockford Morning Star 7/11/1944

Cummings, Lawrence R.

Born in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota on Sept. 3, 1922

Graduated High School in 1941, in Fargo, North Dakota

“After Pearl Harbor he enlisted in the Army Air Corps. On his third mission, his B-24 bomber was shot down over Hungary, and he was taken prisoner by the German Reich for more than 1 year.  As allied forces prepared to liberate his POW camp, the prisoner, malnourished and inadequately dress, were woken by their guards in the middle of the night and force-marched 50 miles through a blizzard to another POW camp.”

“Undeterred by these circumstances, Lawrence remained in the reserves and served again in the Korean War as an B-26 maintenance crew chief in Tokyo.”

Died April 4, 2014

Memorial service at Westminster Presbyterian Church. Private burial.

Source: Rockford Register Star May 11, 2014