Sheets- Rockford Silver Co. – 1941 photo

Source: Rockford Streamlined, Rockford Chamber of Commerce, 1941, page 68

Sheets-Rockford Silver Co., Raymond W Sheets, president and treas; Roger C Sheets V-Pres; Brice H. Sheets Sec; Silver Platers 1008-1012 Mulberry St.        Source: Polk’s 1941 Rockford City Directory

Sheets-Rockford Silver Plate

was Racine Silver Plate Co 1873-1882, Rockford Silver Plate Co 1882-1925, Sheets 1925-1956. In 1925, company was bought by Raymond Sheets, manufacture of flatware discontinued, first silverplated holloware was produced, later re-silvering plant appears in City Directories through 1956

Source: Rockford City Directories

Sheets Rockford Silver Plate

Source: 1928 Rockford City Directory

Sheets Rockford Silver Plate
Rockford Silver Plate Co. was established in 1875 R.W. Sheets moved the factory to Mulberry St, and named Sheets Rockford Silver Plate. The company was sold in 1955

Source: Nuggets of History, May-June 1973

Rockford Silver Plate Co.

” 1876 – The Rockford Silver Plate Co. launched the year before, got under full production, another infant industry started by enthusiastic backers following the 1871 panic.  The firm continued to find ready sale for its plated ware for nearly 40 years before R.W. Sheets took over as Sheets Rockford Silver Plate in 1913.”

All pieces are stamped in the silver with the correct name and mark.

Source: Nuggets of History, Jan-Feb 1965, Vol. 2, No. 2

Rockford Silver Plate Co. , H.W. Price, president; Irwin French, vice-president; George B. Kelley secy. and treasr; mfrs of fine electro gold and silver-plated ware, cutlery, spoons and forks; office and works, 202 S. Wyman, west side of river.  Source: Matthews’ Rockford City Directory for 1883-1884, p 134

Rockford Silver Plate Co., W. B. Barbour, president; F F Wormwood, v-pres; L A Littlefield, sec and gen mgr; mnfrs of electro, gold and silver plated ware, 202-206 S. Wyman St.   Source: McCoy Rockford City Directory for 1909

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