Ken Staaf 1939- 2019 ‘He just considered everybody a friend’

Source: Rockford Register Star      December 21, 2019  Sec. A pg. 1  Sec. A pg.5

Eugene Quinn – against home rule, 1978

Source:  Rockford Register Star (Sunday) Nov. 6, 1978

1030 N. 2nd St. – Goembel – Deery house

Gilbert Johnson

Source of photo: Jeff Aulik

Peterson and Johnson, architects, completed plans for this house in 1924 for Dr. Emery W. Goembel and his wife, Vesta B.  The foundation was poured in Nov. 1925 and they moved into the English Tudor-style home in 1926.

Gulbert - 3

Source:  Rockford Morning Star Nov. 13, 1925

Gilbert - 5

Source: Rockford Register-Republic Nov. 19, 1968

Assorted members of the Deery family have resided there for approximately half a century.





National Ave. , 1408 – Jesse A. Barloga

National Ave., 1408 13

1408 National Ave., Jesse A. Barloga, architect, Built 1926,  Commission #258, Commissioned by Fred and Minnie Haines.  In From 1918 -1925 they were living at 1621 National Ave.[possibly earlier years as well] according to McCoy’s Rockford City Directory for 1925.  Source of photograph: Marty Mangas, ca. 1968-1970.

Haines - 1508 National

Possibly there was a “typo” that listed Mrs. Haines at 1508 National Ave., rather than at 1408 National Ave. in the Rockford Morning Star Nov. 18, 1926.


Haines obit 13

Obituary source:  Rockford Morning Star August 14, 1942

Minnie Haines obituary

Source:  Rockford Morning Star Oct. 14, 1955

In 1944 Leonard W. and Catherine M. Condon sold their house on Clinton Ave. and bought the Haines house at 1408 National Ave.. Mr. Condon was president of the Contour Hosiery Mills in Rockford.  Source: 1944 Rockford City Directory

Current Resident since Aug. 2013: Chad and Leah Tuneberg. Sale price $229,000.




P..A. Peterson Passes to Great Beyond – Rkfd. Furniture Herald

P.A. Peterson tribute

Source:  Rockford Furniture Herald,  June 1927

P. A. Peterson - 2