Rockford Industrial Athletic Association – 1947

Rockford Industrial Athletic Association

1947 Ingersoll: Peterson and Clausen

1947 Anderson Brothers: Yeager and Crowley

1947 Meyers: Coons, White and Rainey

1947 Roper: McCrudden, Allen and Hearns

1947 Rockford Furniture: Anderson

1947 Nylint Toy: Cancelose and Seaberg

1947 O & H Foundries: Dumchoski and Savitski

1947 Ekstrom-Carlson: Hogland and Balcitis

1947 Greenlee: Orville Lindquist and Muzzarelli

1947 Contour Hosiery: D. Murray, Rathke and Steigler

1947 Ebaloy: Casico and Casico

1947 Rockford Drop Forge: Haeggquist and Berglund

1947 J. L. Clark: Swenson, Melquist and Schmidt

1947 Joseph Behr: Yeagle and Behling

1947 Mattison: Rinaldo, Pegoraro, Ivan Johannes

1947 Amerock: Rydholm and Garnhart

1947 Mechanics: Stewart and Saudargus

1947 Sundstrand: Stonis, Kuhl and Scrogston


Source: Rockford Morning Star, 07/16/1947

Rockford Industrial Athletic Association – R. I. A. A. – 1977

Rockford Industrial Athletic Association – R. I. A. A.

Leo Lyons started the R. I. A. A. in the 1909 / 1910 season

He was in charge of parks and outdoor recreation

He set the stage for an organization whereby all factories could join in a group

The first requisition for team uniforms was in 1916: 12 uniforms were $60; 6 baseball bats were $6; 6 baseballs were $6

For example, Greenlees players participated in tennis, golf, horseshoes, basketball, ping pong, bowling, checkers and cribbage

The most direct contact with the newspapers was in the 1940’s with Hap Milne, Dick Day, and WROK

The present Chairman is Jack Rinaldo, chair for the past 9 years


Source: “Nuggets of History”, Autumn 1977