Rock That marks The Ford – Carl Severin

“Carl Severin (1894 – 1975) was the leading figure behind the endeavor to mark the ford location. A superintendent with Rockford Products for nearly 30 years, he retired in 1958 and began an earnest concentration on local and Swedish histories, lifelong interest of his.  He was proud of both his Swedish heritage and his new homeland. Severin emigrated from Gothenburg, Sweden. He was an active member of Swedish Historical Society and helped establish the Erlander House but knew that his adopted Rockford was a mix of multiple cultures and felt that the history of all should be preserved.  Others in the Swedish Historical Society felt the same way. Leaders from the Swedish Historical Society incorporated the Rockford Historical Society  in 1961.  Thus the Rockford Historical Society is an outgrowth of the Swedish Historical Society of Rockford.

In 1959, Severin, a member of the Swedish Historical Society, later its president, and a charter member of the new Rockford Historical Society, wrote a report to the Swedish Historical Society detailing the history of the ford.”

Source: Nuggets of History, Vol. 51 December 2013 Number 4 “The Rock That marks The Ford” by Carol J. Fox