Household Hints from 1971’s Directory for the Princess Zorah Chapter No. 20, Order of Eastern Star

These “Household Hints” from 1971 may still be helpful today!

Source: 1971 Directory of the Princess Zorah Chapter No. 20, Order of Eastern Star, Rockford, IL.

This directory is kept in our Archives titled “Northern Illinois Various CLUBS Collection.”

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The cover image of this directory:

These images were attained by donation at RPL’s Community Scan Day event in April 2023.

Food Bank Celebrates 40 Years

Source: The Observer, June 2, 2023, written by Amanda Hudson.

Red Cross building, moved from Camp Grant to 727 N. Church St. in 1947; in 1990, 7051 square feet added

Source: Rockford Register-Republic, November 22, 1947, and image captured August 2021

Source: Rockford Register-Republic, November 22, 1947 and Image captured August 2021

Jumping Joe, Inc., 603 W. State St., (east facing, on Winnebago St.), artist Stuk One, 2021

Source: Rockford Register Star, May 21, 2021 and

Rafe Lape, aka Stuk One (Source: Rockford Register Star, Aug. 5, 2021)


“Rockford,” in American Sign Language, at 509 East State Street, part of CRE8IV public art murals

On the west side of 509 East State Street, currently Social Urban Bar & Restaurant. Painted 2021 by the artist, Fatherless. Source: GoRockford

Joyful Public Murals

Source: Northwest Quarterly Winter 2020