A Tale of Seven Cities 1986

Source:  Rockford Magazine    June 1986   Vol.1 No.1

Rockford Metro Centre – 12/8/1976

“City to delay aid application”

“The Illinois Dept. of Business and Economic Development (BED) has begun taking applications for

state support of civic center construction.  Springfield was the first metropolitan and civic center to

apply, according to a spokesman for the department.


Joe Pisciotte, director of BED, said guidelines for judging applications for support were approved

last week, after several months of development.   There are currently six authorities eligible for support:

Springfield, Decatur, Danville, Peoria, Rockford and Aurora.”

Source:  Rockfordiana: Municipal Centers – 1, Rockford Morning Star 12/8/1976


Tax Credit Extension editorial – 12-4-2016


Source: Rockford Register Star 12/4/2016

The Bedroom – 1987 ad

Bedroom ad

Source:  Rockford Magazine January 1987

Bedroom Inc The, Gary R. Maitland Chairman of the Board, Dennis R. Roop President, David L. Keegan Vice-President and General Manager, Robert Russell Sec-Treas; Water Bed Retailers, Bedroom Furniture and Accessories, 316 N Alpine, Rockford, 306 Grove St., DeKalb and 2950 Prairie Ave., Beloit WI.  Source: Polk’s Rockford City Directory for 1988.

The Bedroom opened in 1976, closed in 2001 under that name, and in 2001 reopened at Bassett Furniture Direct.