Viola Barloga – 1944, photo

Viola Hodgson Barloga, comes from a British family

artist, homemaker, interior decorator

Her painting “Boat Racing on the Rock River” in 48th annual Chicago and vicinity artists show, opens at Art Institute of Chicago Thursday

She studied at Art Institute when she was a girl.

Soprano, plays piano for own pleasure

Painting “Still Life on Piano” won Barloga the Rockford Art Association’s 1943 Purchase Award, now hangs in Burpee Gallery

Barloga home is at 1220 National Ave.


Source: Rockford Morning Star 1/23/1944


Discovery Center Museum – Holiday 2016 issue of NWQ

Source: Northwest Quarterly Magazine, Holiday 2016 issue



Frank I. Johnson Dies; Rockford Portrait Artist – 1952

Source:  Rockford Morning Star Sept. 6. 1952

Gail Gaylord – 1967

Gail Gaylord

Source:  Rockford Register-Republic  August 1, 1967

Riverfront Museum Park

Burpee 1

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See also:  Discovery Center, Burpee Museum,  Rockford Art Association

Burpee 2

Dr. Alan Brown, Burpee Museum of Natural History Executive Director

Burpee 3

Sarah Wolf, Discovery Center Museum Executive Director


Burpee and Discovery Center Expansions “Tourism, Jobs and Something Wondrous”

…when a 5,000 sq ft Smithsonian-quality hall for traveling exhibits opens…

5,000 sq ft Woodward Exhibition Hall will be completed this Summer

The two science museums although managed separately will share hall

In 2008 more than 144,000 visitors came to Discovery Center

In 2008 more than 90,000 visitors came to Burpee

Source:  Northwest Quarterly magazine  Spring 2010