Joel (J.B.) Whitehead) – 1936

Source: Rockford Morning Star 8/30/1936

Copy in Rockfordiana: Biographies –  WH – 1966

article on right source:  Rockford Register Republic Dec. 27, 1940


West High School Student-Parent Handbook – 1957

Source: The Rockford West High Student-Parent Handbook

Cover artwork: Donna Z, 1957

The handbook was evidently used through several years of staff changes as teachers names were crossed out and new names added.

Three Cheers for Rockford High School, Cheer Rah Rah Rah, We’ve got a team boys cheer rah rah rah, Faithful, loyal fellows they shall not lack, Cheer as we fight for the red and black. R-O-C-K-F-O-R-D W-A-R-R-I-O-R-s R-O-C-K-F-O-R-D Yea, West!


Arthur G. Dobratz, 84 – 1998, obituary

ans Ho

Rundquist, Richard A.

Source: Rockford Register Star 1/30/2013

Rockford Board of Education – 1959

Source:  East High School, 1959 Argus Yearbook, p. 37

Board of Education members were appointed by the mayor through 1964.  In 1965 and thereafter, board members were elected by the public.

Peterson & Johnson – 1926


Source: McCoy’s Rockford City Directory for 1926

Peterson & Johnson, Edward A Peterson, Gilbert A Johnson, owners; architects, 406 Swedish-American Bank Building, 501 – 503 7th St.  Source: McCoy”s Rockford City Directory for 1926

Manufacturer’s National Bank building became Rockford City Hall

Swedish-American Bank Building became American Bank Building, became AmCore Bank Building, became BMO Harris Bank Building became owned by the Rockford Board of Education.

Security National Bank was at 1102 Broadway St.  In 2016 Crusader Clinic is in that address.

Reliance Building, 424 – 428  7th St.



Harlem Boulevard, 2332

George E. Spengler(Gladys M.) v-pres Geo. H. Spengler Co. Geo. P. student  h2332 Harlem Blvd.

Source: 1940 Rockford City Directory

George E. Spengler

Source: Rockford Morning Star  8/19/1976

George E. Spengler

Source: Rockford Morning Star  8/19/1976


Wemple, Harry F.

photo, retires; with Elco Inc. 27 years. Chairman of Elco, 1111 Samuelson Rd. resigned Rockford Board of Education in 1960. Married former Fern J. Redin, she died last Jan. 16 in Scottsdale, AZ. Became Elco Exec V-P in 1952, Elco President in 1959 from 1929 to 1942 was office manager at Nelson Knitting Co.

Harry F. Wemple

Source: Rockford Morning Star 6/11/1970