American Manufactured Furniture, with Rockford furniture companies listed

Source: American Manufactured Furniture, 1988.

“Several Changes in Market Arrangements” – Dec. 1927, Rockford Furniture Herald

Source: The Rockford Furniture Herald, December 1927, Pages 3 and 4

Rockford Cabinet Co, plant of General Electric, ad – 1962

Source: Rockford Morning Star and Rockford Register-Republic Special Edition, “Centennial Plus 10”  March 1962

As media like radios and televisions and stereos evolved, Rockford furniture companies produced the wood cabinets for the media. and became subsidiaries of General Electric or Motorola, etc.



Rockford Cabinet Co., ad – 1906

Source:  The Grand Rapids Furniture Record, April 1906  p. 640

Dresser at viewer’s left: No. 1312. Parlor Cabinet at viewer’s right:  No. 444

Rockford Cabinet Co., Claus G Peterson, president; Armer E Johnson, sec and treas; 18th Ave, and 12th St.   Source:  1907 McCoy Rockford City Directory for Rockford and Winnebago County

Rockford Cabinet Co., ad – January 1927

Source: Rockford Furniture Herald January 1927, page 18

Rockford Cabinet Co., O E Landstrom president; A G Larson v-pres and supt; A E Johnson treas, 1900  11th St.  SOurce: McCoy’s Rockford City Directory for 1927



Rockford Cabinet Co., ad – August 1926

Source: Rockford Furniture Herald August 1926 p. 15

Rockford Cabinet Co., O E Landstrom, president; Anton G Larson v-pres and supt.; G C Olin, secretary; A E Johnson treas; 1900  11th St.  Source: 1926 McCoy’s Rockford City Directory