Harlem Blvd., 1701 – Brearley house

Harlem 1701 Brearley

1701 Harlem Blvd., home of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Brearley 1923 – (1936);  Mrs. Sarah L. Brearley 1937, 1940; Alice C. Brearley, 1949 – 1971. Names and years from Rockford City Directories. Photo source, Jan Carter, 3/4/2015.


Brearley obits

Sarah C. Brearley, 90th Birthday, from Rockford Morning Star, 6/21/1940

Albert C. Brearley, death biography/obituary, from Rockford Morning Star, 8/25/1936.

Alice C. Brearley obituary, below, from Rockford Register Republic 6/1/1971.

Brearley, Alice C., obit




Main St., North, 831 – A. Ruhl residence

Main St., No., 831

Residence of Antes S. Ruhl, 831 No. Main St.

Photo above, source: page 68, “1902 Rockford Illinois” book

Ruhl portrait

Source: ” Portrait photograph from “Descriptive and Picturesque History, City of Rockford, Winnebago County, Illinois ”

A.S. Ruhl, secretary and treasurer Nelson Knitting Co., president Rockford Clothing Co., vice-president Manufacturer’s National Bank, resides 831 No. Main St.  Source:  1899 Rockford City Directory  Arthur B. Ruhl, student, resides 831 N. Main St., and Robert W. Ruhl, student, resides 831 N. Main St., also in 1899 Rockford City Directory.

Miss Helen Cogshall, student, boards 831 N Main St. and Miss Matilda Johnson, domestic servant, resides 831 N. Main St., also listed in 1899 Rockford City Directory

Antes S. Ruhl, wife Nellie B., secretary and treasurer Nelson Knitting Co. and president H C Marsh Co., resides 831 No. Main St.   Source: 1909 Rockford City Directory

In 1973, Skyrise Apts. were at 831 No. Main St.  Building costruction of Skyrise had started by Fall of 1971.

The Ruhl house was razed approx. 1970-71.

Main St., Burpee to 831

The lowest yellowest and turquoise building on the page is the Park District-owned building at 813 No. Main St. a Burpee Museum of Natural History.

The all yellow house (below the pink house) was 831 No. Main St., the Antes S. Ruhl House.

Map source: 1928 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map.







Rockford Clothing Co. – 1892

Rockford Clothing Co., A.S. Ruhl, prest.; A. D. Early, vice-prest., A. C. Brearley, secy. and treas.. Custom Clothiers

Suits to measure.

Style, fit and quality guaranteed.

Manufacturers of pants, shirts, vests and jackets.

Corner S. Church and Chestnut.  Source: 1892 Philippi’s Rockford City Directory