Doctors vs. Lawyers 1887

Source:  The Stewart Story

R 917.733 G88

Trolley Rams Tree; Driver Cheats Death 3/4/1944


Source:  Rockfordiana Accidents 1   Rockford Register Republic 3/4/1944

“Community Chest Organized in 1919” – 1962 article

Source:  Rockford Morning Star and Rockford Register-Republic “Century Plus 10” Special Edition, March 1962

Caskey, Joseph

“Joseph Caskey Dies at Age 88” Brother of Mrs. Winthrop Ingersoll died Sunday at No. Rockford Hospital. Born 10/31/1851 in Millsburg, Ohio. surviving: daughter and son, both in Hollywood, CA, 2 brothers, Herbert Caskey, Asheville, N.C., and Jason Caskey, Fairfax, Virginia, 2 nieces, Mrs. Robert Gaylord, Rockford, Mrs. Louis Brighthaupt,Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and 1 nephew, Paul Caskey, Rockford. Funeral: Second Congregational Church, burial, Greenwood Cemetery

Rockford Hospital

Began 1885 see also Fitch, Dr. W.H. City’s first private hospital. Corner of So. Court and Chestnut St.

Source: Rockford Big Town/Little City 977.331 C973r

Under ownership of the Rockford Hospital Association, 262 individuals in Rockford Hospital Associations 1887 – larger building needed. March of 1888 second building was dedicated at a cost of $15,000. Second building accommodated 30 beds 2nd building 3 story brick, connected by hall to old building original building living rooms for matron and nurses after 3/1888. Elevator donated in March 1988 by Horatio Stone cost of $1500. First operating room funded by Mrs. Ralph Emerson donation after son’s death run on subscriptions and collections. The original nurses: Lizzie Glenn, Melanie Caillat, Sofie Carlson, Myrtle Miles, Elizabeth Edstrom, Mrs. Johanna St. Clair, Louisa Ray and E. Tillich

Source: Rockfordiana Hospitals – Rockford Memorial – 1 & Rockford Daily Register Gazette 1/1/1891

1904 – new hospital on site of original hospital 1903 building cost $50,000 aka “City Hospital”

Source: Rockford Morning Star 7/15/28

City Hospital

Source: 1902 Rockford Illinois Press of Horner Printing Co. Some Half-Tones of the Forest City in Fotografs
by O.H. Wheat, Church St., Rockford, Illinois small 5 x 7″ booklet

City Hospital

Source: photo, p 24 Rockford 1917 R 917.7331 R682r 1917  507 Chestnut St.

Rockford Hospital Nurses Home

Source: Rockford Hospital Nurses Home p 24 Rockford 1917 R 917.7331 R 682r 1917




First Operating Room in Rockford – 1890

First Operating Room

First Operating Room was financed/donated in memory of Ralph Emerson, Jr., son of Mrs. Adeline Emerson,  in 1890 (see plaque above).  Ralph. Jr. died fighting a fire at the family factory from the rooftop, of burns and broken bones.   Pictured at left is Dr. T. H. Culhane. Pictured at right administering anesthesia is Dr. A. F. Cummings.

Source:  “Bear Ye One Another’s Burdens; In Commemoration of the Centennial of Rockford memorial Hospital, 1883-1983”

Rockford Hospital – 1888

Rkfd. Hospital

The house, on the right side of this picture, was originally Dr. Fitch’s house which temporarily became the first Rockford Hospital (June 1883).  In 1888, an addition to the house created what was funded as the first Rockford Hospital, on So. Court St. and Chestnut St.

Source:  “Bear Ye One Another’s Burdens; In Commemoration of the Centennial of Rockford Memorial Hospital 1883-1983”