On the Waterfront, color promotional brochure/card – 2011

Source:  Promotional card/flyer produced through On The Waterfront Inc




“Panel probes misuse of the [Home Rule] power” 1983

Source:  Rockford Register Star, March 26, 1983

Rockford Transit Co. – 1947, 1951


Source:  W. G. Lovell   (all photos)

Top photo:  Fageol Twin Coach of Kent, Ohio (all photos)

Rockford Transit Co. #619 at old 1st and Kishwaukee facility, photo 1967

Model 38-S (P) 38-Passenger Gas Powered Originally Propane

model built in 1947

Middle photo:  Bus #633 at old 1st and Kishwaukee facility

photo: 1969  Built 1951

38 – passenger, gas powered, originally propane but converted to gas in 1955

Bottom photo:

Bus #633 different view of bus in middle photo