American Manufactured Furniture, with Rockford furniture companies listed

Source: American Manufactured Furniture, 1988.

“Rockford Exhibits Rich in Color” – July 1926

Source: Rockford Furniture Herald, July 1926, Vol. 2, No. 8           Page 3 above

Page 4, above

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Rockford National Furniture Co. – Nov 1925

Rockford National Furniture Co.

Source:  The Rockford Furniture Herald ,   Nov. 1925

Rockford National Furniture Co., A P Peterson, pres; P H Palmer. v-pres; N P Peterson sec; A E Anderson treas; 23rd Ave corner of Kishwaukee     Source: McCoy’s Rockford City Directory


Rockford National Furniture Company

2400 Kishwaukee Street

Founded 1907

Founder:  August P. Peterson

Employees 75 people

1953 conversion to manufacturer institutional furniture

1955 serves Mayo Clinic, University of Illinois, Indiana University, Howard Johnson Motels

Source:  Rockfordiana  “Industries – R”   (south wall)