Harlem Boulevard, 2000

Dr. Edward S. Hunt, wife Mary E. (McDowall & Hunt) physician, 409-412 Ashton Building

Source: 1907 Rockford City Directory

J. Edwin Armstrong (Virginia S.) com. trav; John M. Armstrong

Source: 1923 Rockford City Directory

Mrs. Virginia Armstrong

Source: 1933 & 1935 Rockford City Directory

Mrs. Rosalie Hassell (widow B.R.J.)

Source: 1937 Rockford City Directory

Walter H. Anderson (Julia S.) salesman Rockford Paint Manufacturing Co., h 2000 Harlem Blvd.

Source: 1940 Rockford City Directory

Rockford Paint Manufacturing Co.

R Paint Mfr Co

Rockford Paint Manufacturing Company, Woodruff Ave between 9th and 10th Sts.

B. A. Knight, president; August Nelson, vice-president; C. G. Lund, secretary and treasurer

Manufacturers of mixed paints, paste paints and colors

Ad source: Philippi’s Rockford City Directory for 1892, page 365

Text source: Philippi’s Rockford City Directory for 1892, page 379