“Several Changes in Market Arrangements” – Dec. 1927, Rockford Furniture Herald

Source: The Rockford Furniture Herald, December 1927, Pages 3 and 4

Rockford Standard Furniture Co. – 1962 article

Source:  Rockford Morning Star and Rockford Register-Republic, “Century Plus 10” Special Edition, March 1962


“Colorful Displays to Feature Markets” – June 1926

Source:  The Rockford Furniture Herald, June 1926


“Furniture Building of Year” – 1906



Source:  Rockford Daily Republic March 14, 1906

Furniture Exhibits at marts – Dec. 1925

Where furniture lines

Source: Rockford Furniture Herald, December 1925


P..A. Peterson Passes to Great Beyond – Rkfd. Furniture Herald

P.A. Peterson tribute

Source:  Rockford Furniture Herald,  June 1927

P. A. Peterson - 2

Rockford Standard Furniture – 1904

Rockford Standard Furniture jo

Source:  The Furniture Journal, 1904

Rockford Standard Furniture Co., P. A. Peterson, president, F. E. Lundgren, vice-president, J. E. Swanson, sec and treas.; south side Railroad Ave. between Parmelee and 11th   Source:  The Republic’s Rockford and Winnebago Co. Directory for 1903-1904

Rockford Peaches – 1951 Program

Peaches Pro - Front

scans mad from a copy of the program, donated by local customer

Peaches Pro - 1

Peaches Pro 2x

Peaches Pro - back