“Downtown venues nab $4 Million” – 2013, R.A.V.E., Recession/Recovery

Source:  Rockford Register Star 1/15/2013


“Coronado to fit in Metro Centre plan?” – Feb. 1978

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“Accordianist Mike Alongi featured at jan. 13 SoundBites” – 2012, The Rock River Times

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Rockford’s Sveas Soner Singing Society Celebrates Centennial – 1990

Source: Illinois Magazine; The Magazine of the Prairie State, November-December 1990

My View – RAVE a key to downtown rejuvenation – 2016

Source: Rockford Register Star January 24, 1980



Midway Theater

Source: Rockford Morning Star 1/23/1921

Case # 8000 1422  Historic Preservation Commission (City)

Source: Rockford Register Star 1/23/1981

Source: Rockford Register Star 1/15/1987



Opened Aug.3, 1918, originally home to a theater, 4 storefronts, 20 apartments and a basement. A fire nearly destroyed the building in 1980 after restoration it was home to the Rockford Symphony Orchestra, 16,000 square feet of office space and TV studio. The Palmquist family sold the theater in 2000 to a land trust company. Andy Palmquist and his family regained control of the building in 2007. Violinist Itzhak Perlman, Cheap Trick performed on stage. The Senator Obama spoke there in 2005. Bankruptcy judge cleared way for theater sale for $160,000 to the Midway Center Gateway Foundation. Sonny DeLuca, Frank Amato and William Howard created foundation in July to buy and renovate theater Initial fundraising goal in $500,000, but DeLuca said theater has sustained $3 million in water damage over the years. 1 year later, a local businessman launched an ambitious $8 million plan in 2008 to buy and restore building, court documents say Palmquist has a $200,000 balance on building’s mortgage with Commercial Mortgage & Finance building has $55,000 in tax liens plus various unpaid bills. About $11,000 in delinquent 2005 property taxed were purchased by Z Financial LLC, Chicago. Financial filed a motion in bankruptcy court to pursue claim against Palmquist.

Source: Rockford Register Star 11/27/2009