Rockford Labor News, p. 10 – Friday, October 27,1972

Source: Rockford Labor News, Friday, Oct. 27, 1972


Rockford Garden Club, 1970-1971 – Calendar of Programs

Source: Rockford Garden Club Booklet

Northwest Quarterly Magazine – Winter 2017, Contents

Source: Northwest Quarterly Magazine, Winter 2017 issue, Vol, 14, No. 1, Table of Contents

Rockford Garden Club, 1978-1979 – 62nd Year

Source: Annual membership book, constitution, programs. projects

Rockford Woman’s Club, 1992-93 – Program Calendar

Source: Rockford Woman’s Club

Source: Rockford Woman’s Club booklet and guide, 1992-1993, 96th Season


Junior League’s Twelve New Provisionals To Be Formally….” 1957





Source:  Rockford Morning Star May 30, 1957


Loraine Nott to Wed Lt. Charles Brodine – 1943


Source:  Rockford Register-Republic May 18, 1943

Photograph donated by Jef Benedetti