Rockford Police Relief Association, 42nd Biennial Ball – 5-23-1986, p 57

Source: Rockford Police Relief Association, 42nd Biennial Ball, 5/23/1986, page 57

Garfield Avenue

Lowest 2 numbers border on Ridge Ave. farthest west block of Garfield was originally called Holmes St. and changed to Garfield later than 1917 Holmes St. was named for Reverend Mead Holmes who bought the land under Garfield and more from Thomas Garrison. Thomas Garrison presumably named Thomas St. Holmes St. changes its name to Garfield Ave. (the block west of Rockton) in ___________________

Garfield Ave.

Reverend Mead Holmes bought some of Garrison’s land. Land was plotted by 1892 city directory, but access to city later and sale of plots was
held up by Mead’s death (1906) and contested will in court until at least Sept. 1909

Source: 1892 Rockford City Directory

In addition to being a Reverend, Holmes was also an alderman


Source: Rockford Morning Star 9/27/1906





Owen Township – 1957 Farm Plat Map

Owen Township map

Source: 1957 Farm Plat map of Winnebago County, Illinois Sponsored by Union Grange No. 811 Inc.

Rockford Township farm Plat map – North West, 1957

Rockford Township plat NW

Source: Farm Plat Book, Winnebago County , 1957  Sponsored by Union Grange No. 811, Inc.

Logli, Mary E. “Satch”

Logli, Mary E. “Satch” died Wednesday, Oct 21, 1992 in Rockford Memorial Hospital after a short illness Rockford Register Star 10/23/1992

Logli, Mary E. “Satch” Born March 13, 1909, in Mark, IL d/o Camillo Pigatti and Louise Pina

Logli, Mary E. “Satch” Lived 68 years in Rockford, coming from Dalzell, Illinois

Logli, Mary E. “Satch” Married Angelo “Butch” Logli in Rockford June 7, 1930; he died Jan. 29,1968

Logli, Mary E. “Satch” Owned and operated Logli grocery stores and Jack’s or Better Restaurant

Logli, Mary E. “Satch” Retired in 1972 from Logli’s supermarket on Rockton Ave.

Logli, Mary E. “Satch” Member St. Bernatte Catholic Church and Lombardi Club Ladies’ Auxilliary

Logli, Mary E. “Satch” Survivors include 2 brothers: Albert Pigatti and William (Alla Mae) Pigatti, Rockford Register Star 10/23/1992

Logli, Mary E. “Satch” Survicors Albert and Margaret Logli, Phyllis Logli, Mary Druger, Nellie Wilson and Dina Pigatti Rockford Register Star 10/23/1992

Logli, Mary E. “Satch” Predeceased by parents, brother, Eugene Pigatti, brother-in-laws John Logli, Clarence Druger, Eugene Wilson Rockford Register Star 10/23/1992

Logli, Mary E. “Satch” Fitzgerald F H, St Bernadette Catholic Church, burial in Calvary Cemetery Rockford Register Star 10/23/1992


Source for all: Rockford Register Star 10/23/1992