“Irish Rose Saloon Intersection” – 1961 map, pre-street changes

In 2017, the Irish Rose Saloon is one corner of a four lane street and East State St., address: 519 East State St.  In 1961 it was a two lane street.  What changed?

Source: 1961 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map

Streets marked with pink are East State and Kishwaukee

Orange property is Irish Rose Saloon, 519 E. State St.

Yellow area are buildings that were demolished.  The Rockford Transit Co. building was not razed.  A left turn and a right turn lane was added at this intersection later than 1971 and before 1986 (as far as staff pursued the year the street and turning lanes were added,)

The Irish Rose Saloon is on the property that was the original site of Rockford settler Daniel Haight’s barn.