Winnebago National Bank

corner S. Main and Elm Sts. Succeeded to the banking business of Robertson and Starr, capital of this bank is $100,000. Thomas D. Robertson is President, M. Starr, cashier. Board of Directors: John Lake, Moses Bartlett, A.D. Forbes, W.A. Knowlton, Wm. A. Talcott, S.M. Church, more

Source: 1872-1873 Rockford City Directory

124 S. Main

Source: 1915 Rockford City Directory


Waltonian Club – Excursion

“The annual excursion of the ‘Waltonian Club’ of Rockford, took place last week.  The members of the Club, together with invited guests took the morning train on the Kenosha Road, on Tuesday morning, taking along their tents, camp equipage and Commissariat,  The point of their destination was the beautiful Twin Lakes, about 25 miles West of Kenosha, arrived at which the various paraphernalia was unpackaged and speedily conveyed to the camp ground between the two lakes, which are as lovely sheets of water as can be found in the West.  Here the party spent five days, being reinforced from time to time by fresh arrivals from Rockford. The fishing was very fine, and the success of the anglers in enticing the scaly inhabitants of the lakes was notable. Sunrise and sunset were the favorite hours for this gentle pursuit, and the balance of time was passed in various recreations, among which were sailing, bathing, hunting, croquet and pitching quoits.

“A more congenial and harmonious company was never collected together, and forgetful of political and religious distinctions, every one  seemed determined to do all in his power to promote the enjoyment of the rest.  We saw a zealous Episcopal totally “immersed” in the lake, and an equally zealous Baptist brother taking an unpleasant ‘sprinkling’ in good part.  During the stay of the Club at the Lakes, they were visited, among others, by Rev. Messrs. Lisk, Kinney and Reed; while the Rev. Mr. Walton was with the party throughout.

“On Friday the ladies belonging to the families of the excursionists to the number of 75 or 80, went up to the Lakes for a day’s picnic, and quite a number of them remained until Saturday. Their visit was the crowning feature and highest pleasure of the occasion.  Among the amusements provided for their entertainment, the most notable was a race against time by two of the ‘heavy men’ of the Club, in a ‘dug out.’  Of course the craft was capsized and the contestants took an involuntary bath in the lake. We have not learned who won, as the umpire has reserved his decision for the present.  The principal dish served up to the ladies at dinner, was a splendid fish chowder, which bore eloquent testimony to the culinary attainment of its maker, A.H.H. Perkins, Esq.

“The greater portion of the party left the camping ground at five o’clock and reached home at 10 the same evening, delighted with their trip.  The second summer excursion of the Rockford Waltonian Club will remain long as a pleasant memory with all who participated in its enjoyments.

“At a meeting of the Club, held at S.W.Stone’s store, on Thursday evening last, after the consideration of various matters of business, the thanks of the Club, were unanimously voted to D.D. Alling, Esq., for his valuable services. The following gentlemen were elected to fill vacancies: A.D. Forbes, Dr. H. Richings, A..C. Spafford, A.N. Nicholds and S.M. Church.”


Source:  Rockford Weekly Register-Gazette  Aug.24, 1867 page 1




Winnebago County Agricultural Society

The society was organized in 1852 on the stock plan, the stock being limited to eight hundred shares of five dollars each.  During the last ten years the receipts have so enormously increased as to entitle it to rank as one of the most successful agricultural societies in the West.  The grounds contain about twenty-two acres, located within the city limits, and only about five minutes’ walk from the heart of the city.  They are intersected by a beautiful stream of water, and rendered unsurpassingly picturesque by a natural amphitheatre extending half way around the plat, while the race track circles round this grassy slope, and is one of the finest and most inviting to horsemen in the State.  E.S. Bartholomew, of Harlem, pres.; Hugh Mackey, of Cherry Valley, vice-pres.; Henry P. Kimball, of Rockford, secy.; Wm. B. Ferguson, of Rockford, treas.  Directors: Lawrence McDonald, Seward; Lucien B. Williams, Harrison; Jas. R. Bartlett, New Milford; John Smith, Harlem; H.W. Carpenter, Rockford; S.M. Church, Rockford; Moses Bartlett, ex-officio. Annual meeting first Tuesday of February of each year.

Source: Brainerds’s Rockford City Directory for 1876, pp 26-27