Rockford Labor News, front page – Oct 27, 1972 issue

Source:  Rockford Labor News, Friday, October 27, 1972, Vol. LVIII No. 43,  front page

***Library staff did not find “the rest of the story” about the theater murder.  Perhaps the page has gone “missing” or was in too fragile condition.  The newspaper says “Please Turn to Page      ” without any page number added; perhaps there never was a continued article?



S. Main St., 200 Block< Odd Numbers of addresses - 1928 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map

So. Main St. between Elm St. and Chestnut St.

Source:  1928 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map

From 1928 McCoy’s Rockford City Directory, page 1033:  Occupants (below)

201 S Main     –     Mid West Piggly Wiggley

203 S Main     –     James H. Farley, Banzai Lo Restaurant (owner S K Onishi)

205 S Main     –     Salamone & Sons meat market, also Dr. R S Grant

207 S Main     –     Hobart Print Shop, Rockford Army and Navy Supply

209 S Main     –     Pinkney’s Marble Grill, Illinois Hotel

211 S Main     –     Vacant

213 S Main     –     Henry Clay Shoe Store, Joe Rallo

215 S Main     –     Petritz Clothing Co.

217 S Main    –      Rockford Trunk and Leather Goods Co Inc

219 S Main    –      Muscle Shoals Cooperative Syndicate

221 S Main    –      Masters Shoe Co.

223 S Main    –      Dr. P. G. Luomons, A R Matts

225 S Main    –      Mrs. Jessie McRae, N J Metropolos

227 S Main    –      Main Hat Shop

229 S Main    –      Rice Accessory Co.





“Razing of I.C. Depot Nears Completion” – 1953

Caption under photograph reads:

“Work of razing the ancient Illinois Central railroad station on S. Main st., erected in 1888, is nearing completion, and construction of a new $100,000 terminal is expected to begin soon.  Progress of demolition work is shown here.”

Source:  Rockford Morning Star July 26, 1953