“Civic Center panel studies alternate finance methods” and “Civic Center Demo draws women’s ire” – 1975

Source:  Civic Center panel….”   Rockford Morning Star 5/9/1975

Source:  “Civic Center Demo draws….”   Rockford Register-Republic 6/9/1975

Also, Rockfordiana: Municipal Centers – 1, pages 81-82


“Center Group Vetoes Property Tax” – 1/10/1970

Source:  “Center Group Vetoes Property Tax”  Rockford Morning Star 1/10/1970

“City to get help on civic center site”  Rockford Register-Republic 5/5/1970

“Civic Center site seclection pact OK’d” Rockford Register Star 5/13/1970


Rockford Exposition Authority Meets, Elects Charles Boettcher Chairman” Dec. 1969

Source:  Rockford Morning Star 12/17/1969


Rockford Metro Centre, 1981 – Stan Buckles

Source: Rockford Register Star Feb. 1, 1981

Harlem Boulevard, 1803

Mrs. Jessica B. Treat (widow B.B.) and Becker Treat

Source: 1923 – 1940 Rockford City Directory

1803 is a Jesse Barloga design, 1922

S. Penfield Stewart, wife and 4 children President D. J. Stewart 1965 – was executive with D.J. Stewart for 18 year prior to Presidency “Mayor Names Five to Organization Designed To Form Civic Center”

Source: Rockford Morning Star 11/18/1969

Source: photo taken by staff member 6/2011





S. Penfield Stewart – 1803 Harlem Boulevard

S. Penfield Stewart

“Mayor Names Five To Organization Designed To Form Civic Center”

Mr. Stewart is married and has four children

He became President of D. J. Stewart in 1965

He was an executive with D. J. Stewart for 18 years prior to his Presidency

Mr. Stewart and his family live at 1803 Harlem Boulevard

The home is a Jesse Barloga design from 1922

S. Penfield Stewart in 1969
S. Penfield Stewart in 1969


Source: Rockford Morning Star, 11/18/1969