Cpl. Grant Damon and his mother

“The Lingering spirits of Cpl. Grant Damon and his mother”

Voices from the Grave column, by Kathi Kresol, Local historian, paranormal investigator and operator of Haunted Rockford Paranormal Events

1 photograph of Grant Damon

Mr. and Mrs. Damon had 2 sons serving in WWI: Sgt. Clinton Damon, who was a member of Company C 1st battalion, and Cpl. Grant Damon, who was in Company K 129th Infantry Division.  Clinton was in the replacement and training camp in Texas, and Grant was overseas in France fighting on the Western Front.

Dec. 5, 1918, Mrs. Damon received word that Grant had died Nov. 5.

Grant had suffered wounds from a Mustard Gas attack.

Different psychics have sensed the presence of Mrs. Damon, Grant’s mother, still caught in the moment she received the news, at Veterans’ Memorial Hall.

Grant is buried in Cedar Bluff Cemetery. Psychics Paul Smith and Sara Bowker both sensed Grant’s presence at Cedar Bluff.

Source: The Rock River Times, Nov. 5 – 12, 2014, Vol. 22, No. 3





Stan Skridla and Mary Jane Reed

“The mysterious deaths of Stan Skridla and Mary Jane Reed”

by Kathi Kresol

Two young people found murdered June 24, 1948.

Article contains a photo of Stan Skridla in Navy uniform and also a photo of Mary Jane Reed.

“Haunted Rockford” is hosting a bus tour to visit the locations” for the 1948 unsolved murders of Stan Skridla and Mary Jane Reed” “Psychics Paul Smith and Sara Bowker will share their impressions”

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