Rockford News Tower – Barloga, original and altered design

news tower 1

The original design and height of the news tower is shown in the top design, and the height of the lower, more horizontal section, which was in Rockford Daily Republic newspaper, Oct 1, 1929.  Architect:  Jesse A Barloga, Construction by Security Building Corp., Inc.

The Great Depression created a need to lower costs.  The modified design appeared in the Rockford Register-Republic April 14, 1931. (Below)

newstower 2



Sovereign Apartments – 1916

Sovereign Apartments - 1

619 – 612 Mulberry St.,    Frank E. Carpenter, architect.  Source: June 18, 1916 p 21

Sovereign Apartments - 2

Security Building Co.  contractors; W. C. Schoonover, Sanitary Plumbing; Rockford Gas Light $ Coke Co water heaters; J. Holmquist & Son lumber yards; A. W. Wheelock, lighting fixtures; Milburn Bros. General Cement Contractors; Kerner Incinerator Co. Kerner ‘Built-in-the-Chimney’ Garbage and Refuse Incinerator; Harmon & Nicholas Heating Contractors and Engineers.

Source: Rockford Morning Star June 18, 1916 p 21

Sovereign Apartments, 612 Mulberry.  1917 McCoy’s Rockford City Directory