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Source:  Rockford Register Star, Mar. 7, 2019.

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World War II – Navy – Commander Markeson Varland

Commander Markeson Varland (photo)

1935 Rockford High School,  Annapolis

On destroyer: Sicily, Anzio, Southern France

Participated in final strike on Japan 1945

Commander of USS Henley now

Source:  Rockford Morning Star 4/6/1952


Carlson, Bertil F.

Died Apr. 22, 2015.

Born April 11, 1920. Wife, Adelyn.

Bert served in the 10th Mountain Division during World War II, seeing action in Sicily and Italy.

Lifelong member Zion Lutheran Church.

Sundstrand Corporation 40 years.

Member Rockford’s Swedish Historical Society.

Member and past president Kepotah Sportsman Club, member Bobby Burns Society and the Cameronians.

Olson Funeral Home, burial in Sunset Memorial Gardens.

Source:  Rockford Register Star April 25, 2015