Veterans Who Have Passed–Lloyd G. Haddad

Source:  Rockford Register Star, May 23, 2021.

Aerial sign at Sinnissippi Golf Course for airport north of Rockford


Sources: Rockford Morning Star, Dec. 7, 1934; black and white photos, 1939; color photo 2020, courtesy Chuck Abramson, moderator, Rockford Made It (Facebook entry posted Dec. 10, 2020).

Rockford Civic Newcomers Clubs – June 1971, Couples’ Golf

Source: Rockford Civic Newcomers Club 1971 Scrapbook; Rockford Register Star May 30, 1971

Atlas of the City of Rockford and Vicinity – 1917, Th. L. Leon de Tissandier

Atlas of the City of Rockford and Vicinity – 1917, Th. L. Leon de Tissandier

Tiss - 1

Tiss - 2

Tiss - 3 Chicago Ave

Rural St. and Chicago Ave. are shown. This atlas is more colorful that most atlases: the colors show the separation between subdivisions. In this case Lett’s and Bennett’s Subdivision is shown in coral, and Highland park Subdivision is shown in blue. Individual plots are indicated by lines and number of the plot, and they do not indicated who owns the plot, as some other atlases do.

Tiss - 4 Scanndinaviann


Guilford Rd. is at the lower edge of the green area. Scandinavian Cemetery is shown, individual plots are not shown, or an area of plots not indicted on this map. The roads through the cemetery are indicated and also a block of undeveloped cemetery property, Sinnissippi Park and part of Sinnissippi Golf Course.

Tiss - 5 Sand and Gravel

Some manufacturer’s properties are indicated. In the atlas section above, the green are is Black Hawk Park, The white areas are property owned by Lathrop and undeveloped property owned by Rockford Malleable Iron Works. The blue area is Rockford Sand and Gravel Subdivision. The brown are is Schmauss [Meat] Packing Plant.  Occasionally “surprises” show up. An example is the original stadium for Rockford High School, a.k.a. “Central.”