“Second Round Play Starts in Industrial” – 1939, Legion Park

Source:  Rockford Morning Star July 22, 1939

Rockford Park District – “Uncommon Ground,” pages 20 – 27

Source: Rockford Magazine, November 1995, pages 20 – 27; by Pamela Prescott; All photos courtesy of Rockford Park District




Rockford Civic Newcomers Club –

Source: Rockford Civic Newcomers 1973 Scrapbook

Rockford Park District – Sinnissippi Park

52′ tall state-of-the-art greenhouse pictured above

south entrance to conservatory

raised flower bed will border the north side of entrance to Sinnissippi Gardens. Expected to draw more out-of-owners, will the 3rd largest in Illinois. Conservatory designed by Sam Darby and Gary Anderson, architects

Source: Northwest Quarterly Magazine Spring 2008

B-C-A News, August – Sept. 1927 – partial News bulletin

*Actual copy of Employee News Booklet is 23 pages plus covers


Front Cover above


Back cover above


Page 3 above


Page 4 above


Page 5 above



Page 7 above


Page 10 above


Page 11 above

The full issue is 23 pages plus inside and outside of front and back cover