Main St. South, corner Elm


Holland House (hotel), E. Hasbrouck, proprietor s e c Elm and Main,

F.D. Camman, Real Estate & Insurance  n e c Main and Elm Thos. Angon s w c Main and Elm

Holland House (hotel), H.N. Starr, propr.

Source: 1859-1860 Rockford City Directory

NW cor Main and Elm = Commercial Block ** Elm Street** Elm to Chestnut = Wallace Block

L.W. Burnham Commercial Institute n w c main and Elm upstairs

NE Corner Main and Elm = Bank Block

Goodman, N.W. Dry Goods and clothing n w c Main and Elm

Porter Sheldon, Attorney  n e c Main and Elm, Bank Block

E Side Main between State and Elm = Concert Hall

SW corner Main and State = Odd Fellows Hall

Hambright, G F. postmaster Post Office s e c Main and Elm

Source: 1859-1860 Rockford City Directory

The New Holland, I.A. Leonard propr, strictly first class, cor S Main and Elm

Source: 1889-1890 Rockford City Directory

Masonic Hall

Source: Masonic Temple 1902 Rockford, Illinois (small 5 x 7″ booklet) Some Half-Tones of the Forest City from Fotografs by O.H. Wheat


Rockford Country Club

Rockford Country Club was organized 1900.

Source: 1852-1952 Rockford Centennial 977.33 R65 & Rockford 50,000  917.733 R594 &  Rockford 1912 R 917.7331 R682r

“Slot Machines Vanish Due to Baring of Sites”

Source: Rockford Morning Star 1/14/1942

Hostesses for Bridge  Mmes. Stanley Hobson, Chester Wolfley and W.H. Willliamson will serve as hostesses

Source: Rockford Morning Star 9/14/1944
Rockford Country Club postcard

Source: postcard from (7/6/2009) dated 1914

Rockford Country Club

Source: Rockford Country Club photo, from Rockford 1917, R 917.7331 R682 r 1917

Rockford Country Club

Source: 1926 Rockford City Directory p XI

Women’s 18 hole golf league will hold an open house June 25. The guest day will begin at 8:30 am shot gun start follwed by lunch and awards, Chm for event: Mrs. Virgil Keeling & Mrs. Van Anderson

Source: Rockford Register Star 6/21/1970

Rockford Country Club

Source: 1902 Rockford Illinois Press of Horner Printing Co. “Some Half-Tones of the Forest City in Fotografs” by O.H. Wheat,
Church St., Rockford, Illinois small 5 x 7″ booklet no Dewey Decimal Number



Main St., South, 302

Harry Donaldson, printer, bds. W.R. Harry Haven, machinist, bds, W.A. Knowlton, res

Source: 1880 City Directory

Nelson House Hotel

Notice shops, 1st Floor including Nelson Buffet, Nelson House Pharmacy,   Nelson House Barber Shop, built 1917 Miller, Fullenwider and Dowling Architects 7 story annex D S Shureman is listed as architect for Nelson Hotel in National Historic Register of Historic Places registration for William Brown Building.

Source: 1902 Rockford Illinois. Press of  Horner printing Co.  Rocklford Illinois. Some Half-Tones of the Forest City from Fotografs     by O.H. Wheet  Church St. Rockford, Illinois  5 x 7″ booklet

E L and A M Burr sporting goods business

Source: 1916 City Directory

E L and A M Burr Co, Otto Carlson (Esther) baths

Source: 1921 & 1926 City Directory

Hotel Nelson Drug Store

Source: 1933 City Directory

Hotel Nelson Drug Store ad

Source: Rockford Morning Star 9/14/1944

Earl’s Self Service Wines and Liquors; Nelson Hotel Bath and Massage Parlors

Source: 1947 City Directory