Grand Army of the Republic

Postcard  Logan Fife and Drum Corps Rockford, Illinois leading the parade at the National G.A.R. Encampment, Des Moines, Iowa September 1922

Source: Postcard property of Rockford Public Library Patron


Grand Army of the Republic

“Committees Named For Memorial Day” R.K. Welsh Will Make the Address. Exercises will be held on May 30, at the West Side Cemetery.

The John A. Logan camp of the Sons of Veterans  will go to Cherry Valley on Sunday to assist with…

General Chairman – Marcus A. Norton, General Secretary J.G. Manlove

Seats and Stands – Walter Van Alstyne, chm., Ed Ridgley, L. Hickox, S. Johnson, G.D. Brown

Decorating stand – S. F. Steffa, chm., William Andrews, J. L. McLain, D.W. Evans

Decorating Graves – V.D. Woodruff, A.N. Hoffman, J.N. Lillie, chairmen, Egbert Phelps, Martin Rhoades

H.H. Stone,John Beatson, W.F. Hudler, R.H. Burritt, C.H.C. Dagwell, Daniel Sullivan, H.R. Edwards,

B.F Lee, V.M. Wheeler, R.C. Norton, A.J. Dobson, James Chalmers, G.C. Bailey, William Buck,

F.E. Hubbell, D.C. Richards, A. Holmquist, S.A. Cummings, J.W. Mitchell, D.W. Day, N.C. Burroughs

Source: Rockford Republic 5/9/1911



Camp Rotary

1921 is when the Rotarians bought Bunker Hill Camp, south of the city, Rotarians owned Camp Rotary, Rockford Boys Club operated Camp Rotary. Donated to Winnebago County Forest Preserve Dist. In 1980 by Rotary

Source: Rockfordiana: Camp Rotary

“Camp Rotary Given Flag by Auxiliary” The Women’s Auxiliary of the Sons of Veterans will present a flag to Camp Rotary at Bunker Hill, appropriate exercises to be held at the camp Sunday, June 24. The flag is eight by ten feet in dimension and will be flown from a 100 foot flagpole dedicated last July 4. The auxiliary will give three other flags to the camp. One is 3 by 5 feet and will be used as a banner for the tent passing the best inspection each day. The second one, 4 by 7 feet, will go on top of the Boys club building at the camp. The presentation program will be held at 3 p.m. and the public is invited to attend the exercises. The Sons of Veterans and the members of G.A.R. will be taken to the camp in autos.  There will be a special speaker and music.

Source: Rockford Republic 6/4/1923

“Y.M.C.A. Camp For Girls Will Open August 3” for four full weeks of fun.

Source: Rockford Morning Star 6/21/1923

Best Camper Florabel Smith (photo)

Source: Rockford Morning Star 8/26/1923

Source: Rockford Morning Star 6/5/1929

1974 Park District took over operation

Source: Rockfordiana: Camp Rotary

Jeanie Gibbs, who passed away 2/3/2009 was Director of Camp Rotary many years

Source: RHS newsletter Aug 2009

stone gates, former entrance to camp, are all that remains at site I New Milford currently Rockford Rotary County Forest Preserve, goes into Kishwaukee County Forest Preserve 5390 Rotary Rd., Cherry Valley, IL, 61063

Source: 2010